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Voiceover Production


Record your own voice or bring your own voice talent or choose from our voice talent pool.
We have worked with many well known and experienced voice artists on many projects from corporate to radio and television.

Voiceover ArtistProduction:

When you need to create the right ambience, we edit in natural sounding sound effects and music.
We have a large library of sound effects as well as a production and royalty free music library. If we don't have it, we can get it.

If it sounds like it's in a church, falling from a great height, on a bus, in a canyon, on a river or at a building site, it was probably made to sound that way in a sound studio.

For frame accurate sound effects to video, provide us with an mp4 video guide file. We will give you an optimised audio file for the video edit suite.

Dialog Addition - Replacement

Provide us with an MP4 file of the video that requires dialog or audio replacement. 
We can save the audio back onto the mp4 video with or provide any quality audio format file for use in the video edit suite.

Voiceover to Video Cue

MP4 playback via video monitor at the mic enables you to record your voiceover in sync to video and audio cue.

Remote Recording.

If your talent is here on the Gold Coast, you are far away and need something urgently.
Watch and hear the session from your location via Skype and enjoy 2 way communication with your talent at the mic. We will send you the file immediately via a download link.

Scripting Assistance:

No script, not sure how to put one together? No problem.
Tell us in your own words what you want, we will arrange a professional to script it for you.

Typical Voice Talent Demos:

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